Braving the cold with Alyssa and Tyesen

March 1, 2018


Black Forest, Mainz, Germany

winter, canyon, adventure, engagement, couple

Tyesen + Alyssa

aka the most chill couple ever//get it? cause…it’s cold. Also because they actually are.

It was so cold this day. I didn’t need a jacket just the day before. It had snowed a good few inches overnight and luckily the canyon was a little more protected. Still butts cold though. I tried to find some hand warmers and failed miserably. Instead, I bought a box of sticky period-to-go warming packs. FYI…They work. They work pretty well.

Anywho. I adore these two. Our day was all giggles and smiles. They were down to do whatever weird ideas we came up with and I like to think we became great friends.

Tyesen and Alyssa look at each other like they are made of pure magic. These two are exactly why I love what I do.